Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Good Poem

    While I am not a fan of poetry, I do like certain poems. In studying for a literature test today, I ran across this poem by Puritan Edward Taylor.

"What love is this of Thine, that cannot be
  In Thine infinity, O Lord, confined,
  Unless it in Thy very person see
  Infinity and Finity conjoined?
  What! hath Thy godhead, as not satisfied,
  Married our manhood, making it its bride?

"Oh, matchless love! filling heaven to the brim!
  O'errunning it, all running o'er beside
  This world! Nay, overflowing hell, wherein
  For Thine elect there rose a mighty tide!
  That there our veins might through Thy Person bleed
  To quench those flames that else would on us feed.

 "Oh! that thy love might overflow my heart
   To fire the same with love! For love I would,
   But oh! my straitened breast! my lifeless spark!
   My fireless flame! What chilly love and cold!
   In measure small! in measure chilly! See!
   Lord, blow the coal, Thy love enflame in me.

                  Meditation One, by Edward Taylor


  1. Poetry... would this count as one of the "okay love ones"? :) And you're right, this is a good poem!

    1. My poetry thoughts are odd, so bare with me here. The "okay love ones" are a few, very few romantic ones that don't make me sick to my stomach. This one is actually what I would consider a good poem, which is completely out of the romantic poem's league! So yes, this would qualify as an "okay love one" or maybe higher than that.

    2. I was just kidding, I knew what you meant. (At least, I think I do...)

  2. Great poem, Taylor! I like the last sentence of the second Stanza: " quench those flames that else would on us feed." The last stanza is good, too. Overall awesome poem!

    Moment of truth, though: Whenever I view your blog, that profile pic creeps me out EVERY TIME! :)

    1. You don't like my sweet, blue eyes staring at you as you read? Ha, I've been thinking about changing it, but there are very few good pictures of me in existence in the world today. The only copies are my mom's and the NSA's.

  3. I prefer to read in privacy, Thank you. Not saying it's a bad pic, just saying it's a little distracting and repelling when you're trying to read some poems or quotes. You should change it to the pic you posted when your friend stole your camera; looks more like your true self (facial expression) AND you get to show off that beard that you brag about! :)