Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Interesting Stuff

    Here are some pretty cool videos I ran across tonight from a 1995 discussion/debate with such evangelicals as James White (now Dr. James White), Dr. Dan Wallace, Dr. Don Wilkins, Dr. Sam Gipp, and Dr. Thomas Strouse on the subject of KJV onlyism. I had only done a very small amount of research on this topic previous to this past month, but what reading and listening I have been able to do has been very eye opening to the nature of this controversy. And honestly, the more I've found, the more I realize I'm just scratching the surface of the entire discussion.

    Below is a series of videos from the discussion I described before. There are 39 videos, all 3-8 minutes long, each a clip from the discussion addressing a certain idea or verse that has sparked controversy during the KJV only debate. I've watched through video 30 over my lunch break, in the evening while cleaning my room, as I've found time over the past couple of weeks, etc., and have found them extremely interesting, so I thought I would share. Feel free to listen to all 39 if you want or perhaps sift through them and listen to a couple that may specifically address your questions regarding this debate.


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