Thursday, September 3, 2015


    There is a pervading idea in many Christian circles that "questioning" God, the church, authorities, accepted doctrines, or traditional norms is somehow wrong. I don't have much time tonight to write, but I did want to briefly post on the topic since something that grabbed my attention tonight got me thinking about this.

    First of all, let's get it through our heads that questions aren't bad. In fact, questions and questioning your beliefs and opinions is the first step to reforming your thoughts, either positively or negatively. So questions are not evil things; they are actually the fruit of an active mind seeking the truth.

    Secondly, Jesus spent quite a bit of time answering other's questions and asking a few of His own (Lk. 7:20, Matt. 6:28). He never considered it a challenge to His authority or a bother. In fact, we see that when the disciples begin to ask Him questions about the parables, He actually reveals to them more than He did to the masses who did not choose to actively discuss the meanings of His parables with them.

    Thirdly, quite frankly, anyone of any depth whatsoever should, at one time or another, question their beliefs, whether they be political, religious, cultural, or philosophical. Questioning our beliefs is what leads us to think clearly and systematically through different controversial issues and come to our personal conclusions. So, again, a questioning mind is not a rebellious or "evil" thing. It is a gift from God created for our good.

    As we read and study the Bible, we will find questions, some that we can't answer. Jesus sometimes purposefully did this, speaking in mystery that the crowds could not understand. Only those with ears to hear (those willing to listen and think, under the prompting of the Holy Spirit) were those who were enlightened, while the rest remained in ignorance because of the unfamiliar teaching style Jesus sometimes used through His parables that left plenty of room for the unknown.

    Frankly, the finding of unanswerable questions about God shouldn't be surprising. If we believe that God truly is eternal, uncontainable, all-powerful, and possessing of all knowledge, then we, as humans who are none of those things, should not be surprised to come to the conclusion that God is at times outside our comprehension.

    So, those times when we find questions, what do we do? Well, first off, trust. Trust in a sovereign God who is in control over all things, even those we don't understand. And secondly, do you research! Find a commentary, look up some articles, read a book. When you're stumped by that tough question, chances are you're not the first person in history to be puzzled there. Look up a study help.

    This was more along the lines of a practical post than a theological or philosophical one. I hope it was a blessing to someone. Don't let anyone make you ashamed of a questioning mind or a ton of questions! God gave this as a gift to us, a gift that gives us the desire to find truth and learn about Him rather than remain content in ignorance. So enjoy the questioning mind! Keep finding questions!

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