Wednesday, September 9, 2015


    I experimented a little more with poetry the other night. Poem #2. :)

    I long to live for more than this,
To know, to love with deeper feeling;
To show a world of lost my God is
Living, breathing, offers healing.

I was enslaved. Dead. No hope within.
A fear-slave in chains I dared not break
Nor could I. In earth's dark hell, no light came in,
My thirst was never slaked.

Then entered One, a King,
A substitute, one who for me
Would take the blow, and bear the sting.
Thank God, for He has made me free!

Now life, true life, I feel. It's clean,
Is fresh, is free! No more a slave
Am I; but son, for all the world to see.
Now more of Jesus Christ I crave.

With strength, not mine, but His,
To face a battle, a daunting day;
With life anew, His dear cause is
Mine. To follow Him, forever, and today!

So if in sin's chains today you dwell,
With light quenched dark around you;
There is One who all darkness quells,
He'll let His peace surround you.

And life you'll know, like never dreamed,
Rushing to your soul. For through this King
Goodness, love not yours, is seen,
In you. And in this life, of mercy sing.


  1. Wow, that is so good! Nice job, Taylor!

  2. Nice job! It puts a smile on my face to see that you wrote another poem.
    I wrote a poem just the other day and was about to post it when I got an email with news that made me happy, but also made me realize that now definitely not the write time to post it because of the subject matter I was writing on. So it may be a while before that one gets published.

    1. I can see that happening... just make sure you post it sometime so I can see it!