Saturday, July 11, 2015


    So, I'm not a poet. I've never enjoyed poetry that much, but I decided to give it a try the other night, partly from reading other poetry, partly from having had some comment discussion with Hannah Leake (from over at The King's Daughter) . Here's the finished result, pretty rough since I only put about 10 minutes into it, but here it is!

The future lies
In mist;
I cannot see

Dark swirls above
like dusk,
My path, it hides

My Guide beckons
Where He points
Is dark.

But thoughts appear
to me:
Is the prize worth
The pain?

In all these things
Is pain,
And this path looks
too rough.

But then new thoughts
Is any too much
to bare

For my Jesus?
He is
my Guide, my Life,
my God.

How can I claim
While to my life
I cling?

To follow Him
Through all,
Through suffering, pain,
To light.

Is He worth it?
I ask.
My soul cries out
at night,

Is He worth it?
To die!
Is He worth it?
My life!

Yes, my saved heart
cries out.
He is worth it,
worth it!

So my life is
now His.
No more am I
My own,

But His. His child,
His love,
His by grace, His

And I will go
With Him
Through life or death:
a martyr.


  1. This is so great! I love it! Thanks for being willing to share this! And it makes me very happy to know that I have inspired someone to write poetry! ;)
    You're a good poet and I hope you will continue to write more.

    1. :) We'll see if I wind up writing more! Thanks!

  2. That is so totally awesome. Please don't stop.

  3. Wow! You wrote this! It's beautiful! I like how it makes you Think and ask yourself the same questions as you're reading it!