Friday, July 31, 2015

A Life with No Explanation

    I was doing some reading the other day about William Borden, the American Yale graduate who died at 25 years old of cerebral meningitis in Egypt while training for the mission field in China. If you have the opportunity, I would definitely encourage anyone reading this to go do some research of your own on this follower of God.

    After his death, a powerful eulogy was written about him, the two final lines standing out to me when I read it: "Apart from faith in Jesus Christ, there is no explanation for such a life."

    What a radical statement to have said as a description of your life! To have men look at you and be forced to see Jesus, because there is no other explanation, may be the greatest eulogy to have said over your body. To glorify God through every facet of your life, so that His presence in you is unmistakable, should be all of our goal.

     I pray that one day people can see Jesus when they look back at my life, but if I'm honest, I'm not sure how they would. Am I actively living out my faith? Am I really looking at and actively studying who I claim to emulate? How will people see Jesus in me if I'm not living in Him?

    This kind of living requires more than a part time interest. This is no pray-before-meals, listen-to-a-sermon-on Sunday kind of religion. This is a deep, fervent following after and seeking for Jesus. And that kind of reckless pursuit should characterize our lives.

    "Apart from faith in Jesus Christ, there is no explanation for such a life."

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