Friday, May 15, 2015

Good Quote

    I was recently given a 1942 book by George Wiseman called Life Begins with Jesus, counterpart to his earlier book Life Begins with Faith. Here's a great quote I ran across tonight while flipping through it.

    "Of course He recognized the value of physical relaxation. He rested and insisted that His disciples do likewise. But this invitation was different. It was not the spirit of repose, but rest in the midst of turmoil. Work we must do. It was not His spirit to encourage laziness. He knew that this was the source of weariness. There is nothing as boring as an empty life. He was continually calling people to do something, and His commands were always hard- far harder than that which the most active and alert wanted to undertake. But in Him rest can be found in the midst of the most exacting toil. That is more in keeping with the Spirit of God and the life of the Master than a shiftless, indolent existence."

                                                        -George Wiseman, Life Begins with Jesus


  1. Nice quote Taylor!!

    1. Thanks, Gabrielle! Thank George Wiseman though, he did the hard work!

  2. I like it. And I will thank George Wiseman, even if he doesn't know it. His name suits him well.