Thursday, April 9, 2015

Romans Series: Intro

   Ever since a particular series I listened to on the subject of the book of Romans, I have wanted to teach on this amazing book. It's overloaded with good things, with deep theology, practical advice, and a clear, concise gospel presentation shown eloquently throughout. I love this book!

    Romans gives I believe the clearest teachings on man's depravity before God contained in the entire Bible. Rom. 1-3 are centered entirely around proving this pivotal statement. Nearly 20% of the book then is on unsaved man's guilt before God. Combine that with Rom. 4-7, which details man's conflicting natures after salvation, and you have quite a case for man's sin nature, one that encompasses nearly 50% of the book. So, a lot of time will be spent talking about sin as we got through the book.

    For those of you who read this blog that disagree with my Calvinistic views, I'm afraid y'all are just gonna have to put up with me for a while. I argued as we went through the series before at church, and will argue again, that it is impossible to objectively study Romans without at least touching on the ideas that Paul hammers in Rom. 9 and 11, election. That said, my purpose is not to promote Calvinism. However, I cannot honestly teach through Romans without teaching Calvinism, and I would argue that Paul couldn't either!

    There are some amazing truths taught in Romans that I hope will be very encouraging to us as believers. The idea of a changed nature presented in chapters 6-7, of our freedom and adoption in Christ in chapter 8, of our joining with the nation of Israel as the fulfillment of God's sovereign choice in Rom. 9 and 11, the beautiful principles of salvation by faith alone presented in chapters 4-5, 10, and God's call for our lives in 12, outlined through 13-16.

    There's a reason this book was the foundational book of the Reformation, the one from which Luther began his departure from Catholic doctrine. The principles outlining salvation by faith cannot be missed. It presents a clear cut, open and shut case for faith, thus the reason for the famous "Roman's Road to salvation". Romans is built for new Christians and mature Christians.

    All that to say, I hope you enjoy this little series. I'm not a Bible teacher and certainly no pastor (just check my profile, or read the series. Either one should make it abundantly clear I'm no pastor.), I'm just a teen who likes the Bible. So, if you disagree with my interpretation of a passage or just really, really like me, please feel free to leave a comment or two!