Monday, November 17, 2014

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     "What would it look like if Satan really took control of a city? Over a half century ago, Presbyterian minister Donald Grey Barnhouse offered his own scenario in his weekly sermon that was also broadcast nationwide on CBS radio. Barnhouse speculated that if Satan took over Philadelphia, all of the bars would be closed, pornography banished, and pristine streets would be filled with tidy pedestrians who smiled at each other. There would be no swearing. The children would say 'Yes, sir' and 'No, ma'am', and the churches would be full every Sunday...where Christ is not preached."
                                                       Michael Horton, Christless Christianity

      It's very easy to make Christianity a list of do's and don't's that should be done to make your life run more smoothly, or to give you purpose. It's very easy to skip over man's sin and instead focus on our own abilities and personal achievements. But that's not Christianity, and it's certainly not the gospel. True gospel is a stumbling block, a "rock of offense". And in our efforts to remove the offensive part of Christianity, we've removed the most pivotal part, Christ himself.

      Below is my favorite song by Christian artist Michael Card. Although the song was written in the 1980's, I think the message is still true today.

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