Saturday, November 8, 2014

Quick Post

    Tomorrow morning I will be leaving for Indiana until Saturday. The teen conference I will be attending does not allow electronics, so I will not be posting during this week. Please pray that I will be receptive to anything God wants to show me. Also, as I've mentioned, I will be presenting a sermon while I'm there, so again, pray I don't mess up big time! As I mentioned to a friend I really don't want God to be listening going, "Oh, that's bad... Oh, no, nope, nope... Hold on, Taylor, don't say it, AAHH!" Anyhow, please pray for the things mentioned, along with safety during the long drive up there.


  1. Prayed for you this week... I'm sure you did great. Let us know how it went!

    1. Thank you so much for the prayers! I'm glad you figured out how to comment and hope to see you around here more often. Unfortunately, I was not able to preach this time. I spent the time watching the competition to know better how to prepare next year. So, watch out, Indiana! Better start preparing now!

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