Monday, September 12, 2016

To Follow Him

Following Jesus... is to lay down every desire of my heart that runs counter to the heart of my Lord.

Following Jesus... is to hold loosely to the things of this earth in order to hold tighter to the things that will last.

Following Jesus... is to abandon safety, comfort, ease, tranquility, and the norm as values to be held dear in favor of the risk, discomfort, danger, and battle.

Following Jesus... is to defy the world's standard of wise and sensible in order to become foolish under the banner of Jesus and share in His shame... in order to share in His glory.

Following Jesus... is to submit every dream, thought, plan, and ambition to the obedience of Jesus Christ and sacrificing every one of them on His altar.

Following Jesus... is to at times be misunderstood, slandered, abused, mistreated, avoided, persecuted, hurt, and and lied about. Don't be surprised; it happened to our Savior, I can hardly expect better.

Following Jesus... is to consider the lives of the dirtiest leper, the most wretched sinner, the most despicable and unloved, the abused, the lost, the hurt, the broken, and the torn down to be of infinite worth to my Father and worth laying aside my own comfort and safety for.

Following Jesus... is to lose my life in Him, and in losing it, to find it.

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  1. Hi Taylor. I found your blog several months ago through an article you published for The Rebelution, but have read without commenting up until now. I read this when you posted it back in September, but came back to it tonight and was really encouraged. Lately I have been faced with looming decisions about life along with so much criticism from friends and family, but this has reminded me in a huge way that though the wisdom of God and the cross is foolishness to the world, it is powerful to those saved by Christ. I can't fully explain how God has used this piece, except to say that it has brought me to my knees in prayer tonight. Thank you for writing. It is clear that God has blessed you with an amazing ability, and I pray you keep writing for His glory!
    In Christ,