Monday, May 2, 2016


    I don't typically post a single link and leave it at that, but tonight... this was a very thought-provoking article for those of you who grew up, like me, in conservative, evangelical (particularly homeschooler) circles. I'm interested in opinions too, so I want some comments. Yes, people, read it, think it through, and leave some thoughts!


  1. That was a long read! Took me three sittings to make it all the way through. Really great breakdown though, and I particularly identified with the 'Head over Heart' segment, and the concept of training your children how to say no, rather then sheltering them from all situations where they might have to.
    I was speaking with a friend tonight, and he commented that everything, on some scale, is a repeating process cycle, and that as sinful-natured, redeemed individuals, we're personally in a constant state of failure, contrition, and restoration. Perhaps many families are in some version of the same state, reacting vainly, or ignorantly, or lazily (or in some cases, effectively?) to lessons from their own experiences, their perception of the culture, or to their theology. In reality, many Christian live as pragmatists, following their logic, experience, and "what works" foremost, and supplementing that worldview with Scripture when possible.

    1. I feel like the idea of "what works" is the most common idea I've encountered in my limited experience here, first example that comes to mind of the thoughts behind spanking particularly. Everyone I've talked to about whether that's right or wrong has begun their argument (and most times finished with) that idea, and then used the Bible to supplement that. I hadn't thought of it that clearly before, but I do see that now.