Saturday, October 31, 2015

Good Debate

    This is the best debate I've ever had the pleasure of watching on the topic of predestination. Interestingly enough, I agree with points from both men (though more with Dr. White :), but I think both Dr. Michael Brown and Dr. James White presented excellent arguments in defense of their worldviews. Check it out when you have an extra couple hours.


  1. Forgive me, but maybe you could "summarize" it for those of us who don't have a couple extra hours floating around?

    1. You're asking me to summarize what took two PhDs two hours in one comment. Girl...

      So Dr. Michael Brown was arguing for free will, and he spent quite a bit of time around God's desire for men's salvation. "It is His will that none should perish", etc.

      Dr. White spent the majority of his time hammering passages such as Ps. 33 and Dan. 4 that emphasize God's accomplishment of His will in all cases and the need for a consistent idea of what God's sovereignty entails that seems impossible to have from a solely free will worldview.

      Personally, I felt like Dr. Brown was simply not addressing Dr. White's Scripture quotations adequately. Dan. 4 and Ps. 33 are rather clear that "whatever Yahweh pleases, He does, both in heaven and in earth, and no man can stay His hand". That's a verse that needs addressing if we accept a free will worldview.

      Both men did a good job, and I especially enjoyed the very friendly attitude of this debate. The two men are friends and have debated together on the same panel before, so the kinship was obvious. There was very little interrupting, several jokes tossed in, and it was more lighthearted than most debates of that sort.

      If you ever find a Saturday with a couple hours where you have to fold laundry, clean your room, etc., I would say this is well worth the time.

    2. Sorry, I guess that was a stupid question. :) Thanks for the briefing.

    3. I'd have said the same thing. Not everyone enjoys listening to debates while they clean their room and stuff. :) I just listened to another today on Covenantal theology. You can learn a ton from them!

    4. I am with Lauren S. ;)
      I have to listen to books on audio that I have to read for school while I clean my room. ;) I don't desire to spend two hours of my nonexistent free time watching a debate. Sorry. ;) I am sure it is interesting though. ;)